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General Meeting
Wednesday April 20th 2005 at 12:30 in Reith Room

Committee members present:
Andy Smith; Brian Gabel; Darren Cormack; Ken Williams; Dave Clark

Others present:

Iain Allen; Marilyn Bates; Peter Caine; Matt Clifford; Rob Dent; Ralph Dudgeon; Sue Facer; Doug Freeman; Lada Gorlenko; Elliott Hey; Geoff Hope; Jack Livings; Andy Lockyer; Adam Parker; Mike Rigby; Malcolm Westwood; Mike Wood; Mike Young

Apologies received from:

Colin Allen; Rob Almond; Niki Ankcorn; Hazel Askey; Jo Anne Austin; Dawn Baker; Ian Beaty; Alan Bellis; Len Bennett; Andrew Birchall; Melanie Birkenhead; Suzanne Black; Deirdre Blackburn; Chris Bland; Charles Blassberg; Cindy Blood; Andrew Bodman; Nigel Bolley; Simon Bonham; Greg Boys; Kate Bradshaw; Paul Breadmore; Paul Breadmore; Paul Breadmore; Andrew Brook; Richard Broughton; Andrew Brown; Charlotte Brown; Emma Bushby; Michelle Butcher; Neil Butfield; Michelle Butler; Jamie Buxton; Steve Caines; Janice Cairns; Richard Cairns; Dave Carribine; Kerry Cawse; Sudhir Chadha; Colin Chapman; Steve Chew; Barry Ching; David Clarkson; Kath Cleall; Rob Cleeton; Ian Clements; Paul Cocking; Julie Coleman; Nigel Coleshill; Dave Compton; Rachel Conlon; Kim O'Connor; Alan Cook; Colin Cook; Pete Coventry; Iain Cowan; Fraser Cowell; Dave Cro; Amy Cudby; Stuart Cunliffe; Nigel Davies; Richard Davis; Viv Davis; Anita Day; Bruce Dean; Bruce Dean; Phil Degg; Daniel Delicate; Derek Dent; Karen Thomas-Devanny; Stefan Devis; Preet Dhillon; Denise Donnelly; John Down; Ian Drew; Graham Duckett; Lily Dyu; Alexis Earl; Derek Earl; Clive Edwardes; Mark Evans; Richard Evans; Alison Falconer; John Farrant; John Farrow; Colm Feighoney; Tony Fisher; Tony Fisher; Corrina Follett; Anne Forbes; Clare Forrest; Richard Fowkes; Robert Foxon; ??????? ?????????; Mark Frith; Justin Garnett; Andy Gavriel; Gaynor Gentry; Lynn Gilbert; Phil Gill; Richard Goldsby; Jeremy Goode; Siobhan Gordon; Melanie Greening; Christopher Hales; Debra Hallows; Amanda Hancock; Paul Hancock; Pamela Harbourne; Melanie Harris; Pete Harris; James Hartwright; Ian Haywood; Nigel Henry; Rachel Hill; Alex Hopcroft; Tony Horrocks; Micky Horton; John Howes; Nikki Hudson; Nikki Hudson; Delwyn Hughes; Helen Hughes; Karen Hughes; Rachel Hughes; Andrew Hull; Fiona Humphries; John Hurst; Abbi Hyland; Jim Insley; Faisal Jaffri; Naomi James; Ian Jenkins; Louise Johnson; Andrew Jones; Kevin Jones; Linda Jones; Mark Jones; Steven Jones; Gary Juggins; Rachel Kasaven; Jan Kelly; Bill Kelso; Dawn Kenny; Ajay Khindria; Val Kirk; Lisbeth Kirkwood; Denise Kyte; Kay Lamb; Dave Lawrence; Rebecca Lay; Rebecca Lay; Dave Lee; Dean Lee; Dave Lloyd; Tim Lloyd; Adam Longbottom; Dean Lonsdale; Charles Loving; Claire Lyle; Laura Mackay; Cathy MacPherson; Navneet Mahal; Peter Marley; Christopher Marshall; Jonathan Marshall; Gary Martin; Duncan Matheson; Janis McBride; Brendan McCollum; Mike McDonald; John Morris; Matthew Morris; Nik Mottershead; Ian Mottram; Ian Mottram; Chris Murphy; Trevor Murphy; Eric Myers; Fred Noble; Dave Noton; Alfonso Pacitti; Andrew Palin; Graham Palmer; Rasham Panacer; Miles Parker; Heidy Parks; Dip Patel; Sue Paynter; Lisa Pearce; Steve Perkins; Rachel Perrett; Matt Pickard; Richard Pierce; Karen Piggin; Hugh Pike; Kristina Pilling; Andy Pittaway; Bill Prescot; Kathryn O'Prey; Jeff Quantrill; Roger William Read; Alexandra Rees; Mark Timson-Rich; Martine Richardson; Mark Robins; Peter Robison; Ian Robotham; Bill Rome; Alan Rose; Steve Rowland; Ian Salvin; Gurd Sandhar; Bo Sarr; Pete Scarle; Paul Seaman; Andrew Sewell; Andrew Sewell; Jane Shackleton; Vikki Shanahan; Annie Shepherd; Susan Shields; Richard Short; David Sim; Pabhinder Singh; Carol Jean Smith; Paul Smith; Ian Stevenson; Clive Stewart; Mark Stewart; Nicola Stinton; Richard Stokes; Richard Stokes; Katherine Strachan; Chris Strickland; Suzi Surry; Christopher Taylor; Emma Teevan; Pete Teevan; Tony Temple; Deborah Teskey; Tony Thornton; Andy Tomkins; James Trimbee; Pete Vohra; Dave Wall; John Ward; Fraser Waterfield; Kathleen Watts; Karen Weir; Stephen Wharton; David White; Roland White; Mark Whitelegg; Jacqui Whiting; Martin Whitman; David Wilkinson; Danny Williams; Paul Wilson; Anthony Wood; Pete Wood; Paul Yarrow; Joanne Young; Nicola Young

Welcome and introduction

Andy Smith opened the meeting, introduced himself, thanked everyone for their attendance, and assured them the meeting would be as short as possible.

Andy used a presentation which is included here:
AGM 2005.ppt

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were available on the web site, and a link was distributed prior to the meeting. There being no dissent the minutes were adopted.

Chairman's report for 2004: Andy Smith

Andy presented a summary of the different types of events which had been run in 2004, and gave a précis of what has happened already and is coming up in 2005.

Andy noted that we currently project an overspend for 2005, for the first time in several years, which is a remarkable achievement in itself, and we are taking various actions to bring that back in line.

Andy acknowledged the departure of Jo Mitchell from the committee and thanked her for her contributions. Jo is still trying to get us reinstated on the Estée Lauder offers that were so popular. Andy thanked Dave Clark (secretary) and Ken Williams (treasurer) and everybody on the committee for all their work and efforts. He also thanked Dave Lloyd not only for the quizzes he runs but also for the New York trip. Andy pointed out that the example of Dave Lloyd illustrates that it is possible to run events without being a committee member, and encouraged members to talk to any committee member if they have an event in mind that they would like to run.

Treasurer's report for 2004: Ken Williams

Ken introduced himself to the meeting, and then summarised the 2004 finances, noting that as usual we had too much money left in the bank, though not for want of effort! We ran more events, but the net cost was down (more events at the lower end of the subsidy scale, and more guests paying full price). However, the subsections spent more money, and the projection for 2005 is good (ie, will spend all money!).

Ken presented the following statistics for 2004 versus 2003:




IBM Club Grant



Members Subscriptions



Estee Lauder



VAT Refund



Total Income







Main Club



Total Expense



Balance Sheet



Debtors & Prepayments



Cash in Bank



Total Assets






Total Liabilities



Events (main club)



Gross Cost






Cost to Club






Number of Subsections



Gross Cost






Cost to Club



Status of subsections



Badminton: now closed



Golf: OK



Rambling: mainly retirees



Football: OK



Theatre Plus: doing well



Sports: most of 2004 is prepaid costs



Cycling: OK



Geoff Hope asked about the increased numbers of guests, and whether there was a limit to the number of guests who could attend. Dave quoted a relevant part of the IBM Club constitution, which specifies that this is a matter for by-laws, and he further confirmed that IBM Club Warwick does not currently have a by-law limiting the numbers of guests who may attend. Andy pointed out that one practical limiting factor is the desire to ensure that guests do not take places that are then unavailable for members, in cases when the number of places is limited, and Dave added that this is why some events that are expected to be very popular are initially advertised as available for members only, and only if places remain unrequested is the event then opened to guests too.

Election of officers for 2005

Chairman - 1 nomination: Andy Smith, proposer Lada Gorlenko, seconder Joanna Stray.
Secretary - 1 nomination: Dave Clark, proposer Lada Gorlenko, seconder Andy Smith.
Treasurer - 1 nomination: Ken Williams, proposer Michelle Eaton, seconder Andy Smith.

Andy asked for a show of hands to elect all three officers, which was unanimous.

Election of Ordinary Committee Members for 2005

Nominations had been received for Paul Breadmore, Darren Cormack, Michelle Eaton, Brian Gabel, Emma Martin, Lorraine Monk, Bill Rome, Mark Whitelegg, Linda Yeates.

Geoff Hope asked for confirmation that all nominees were eligible to stand for the committee, which Andy gave.

Since nominations numbered fewer than vacant places, nominations form the floor were invited but none were received. Andy asked for a show of hands to elect all the above, which was unanimous.

Andy stressed that we are free to co-opt new committee members at any time provided we have vacancies, which we do at present. Members are encouraged to speak with any committee member if they are interested in joining the committee or just organising an event. Andy noted that the benefits of committee membership include the possibility of running the events that you want to see run, getting a free tickets for events that you run, and an annual meal for committee members and partners after each December meeting.

Other Business

No other business was raised.

All members are reminded of the Club Web site addresses: (internal) (external)
As well as details of past and forthcoming events, the Web site includes information about the club, its policies and subsections.

The meeting closed at 12:50 and meal vouchers were distributed to all attendees.

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