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Mail collection in the Warwick location

In 2011 the system for mail delivery in the Warwick location changed so that instead of mail being delivered into individual (lockable) dips it is collected into trays by mail point at a central location. This reflected the dramatic fall in the volume of physical mail in recent years. However, we were a little concerned at the consequences for event organisers collecting cheques especially during big events, and following a discussion at our August 2011 committee meeting we suggested that it might be helpful to add an "IBM Club" mail tray alongside the "MP xx" trays in the collection room. IBM Club mail could then be collected there, and would be more easily and safely gathered up than if it were mixed with all the general MP 8 or MP 9 mail.

An "IBM Club" is now provided. It can be found between the "MP 8" and "MP 9" trays. Mail with "IBM Club" in the address will be delivered there.

We therefore recommend that event organisers ask anyone sending mail to you at the IBM Warwick location on IBM Club business to include "IBM Club" in the address they use, and that they check for the mail in the "IBM Club" tray in the mail collection room. This includes event attendees sending their cheques, and also venues and box offices sending tickets, receipts, booking confirmations, and publicity materials.

For example, "Philip Organiser" might ask people to use the following internal address: "Philip Organiser, IBM Club, Warwick UK". Or the following external address: "Philip Organiser, IBM Club Warwick, IBM United Kingdom Ltd, PO Box 31, Birmingham Road, Warwick CV34 5JL".

Obviously, the above has no effect if you wish to have mail to you delivered to another address, eg your home. However, the "IBM Club" tray is an option open to any IBM Club committee member or event organiser, employee or retiree, wishing to collect mail at IBM Club Warwick either as a regular arrangement or on a one-off basis at any time.

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