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Event subsidy policy

Event subsidy categories

Subsidy levels Assigning the subsidy category for an event

Each event run by IBM Club Warwick will be assigned a subsidy category. During organisation of the event the finances will normally be managed so as to keep the actual subsidy level of the event so that it does not exceed the subsidy level for the category. In exceptional cases the committee may agree to allow an event to exceed the subsidy level for its category.

Where the venue offers child prices the event will normally be considered a family event and will attract a family subsidy category as well as passing on the benefit of the child price. In such cases the venue's accepted age range for the child price will apply. Where the venue does not offer a child price, but the event organiser believes that the event is well suited to a younger audience, they may with committee approval apply a family subsidy. In some cases it may also be appropriate to apply a greater subsidy for child places than adult places in order to encourage family participation, as long as the category subsidy level is not exceeded overall.

Managing subsidy level for an event

Event organiser's subsidy

As an incentive for event organisers they receive a free place on any event that they organise, subject to capping. This extra discount for the event organiser is limited to a maximum of 35, or 50 in times when an overall underspend for the year is predicted. As with the general event subsidy levels, the organiser's subsidy is subject to periodic review.

Changes to subsidy as a result of changes to event status

If any changes to the cost structure of an event take place (eg, because exact costs are changed or finalised, or unexpected charges arise), this can have an impact on the subsidy level. In general, provided the cost to club remains within the approved cost to club and the overall subsidy remains within the subsidy level, no re-approval is required. However, if the cost to club exceeds the approved cost to club, or the overall subsidy exceeds the target subsidy level for the selected subsidy category, re-approval by the committee is required, as the committee will need to decide whether to continue with the event, cancel the event, or continue with the event but raise ticket prices (or make other changes).

If the event subsidy level rises because of changes to the costs or because of low take-up, the event organiser may choose to sacrifice part of their event organiser's subsidy in order to bring the event within the target subsidy level. If it is possible to bring the event within subsidy level by doing this, no re-approval is required. If the event still falls outside the subsidy range with the event organiser receiving NO additional subsidy, then the event will either need re-approval (or may need to be cancelled) as detailed above. The event organiser would not normally be expected to pay more than the member price for the event.

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