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The Boy who fell into a book

Saturday 7th December 2002, 07:00 PM, at Wwk Arts Centre

Warwick Club has reserved 65 tickets for The Boy who fell into a book at Wwk Arts Centre.

Tickets are 4.50 for Warwick Club members, their spouse/partner, and dependent children under 18. Tickets may also be purchased at cost for guests (subject to availability of places) for 8.00 . Full price for these tickets would normally be 10.00 .

Please contact the organiser, Rob Daniel, for tickets. Please remember to give your personnel/retiree number, and state how many tickets you would like, and who each ticket which you request at member price is for, their age and relationship to you.

An English Touring Theatre and Warwick Arts Centre Production - Written by Alan Ayckbourn Theatre Suitable for ages 6 upwards A fast-paced fantasy adventure about a boy who reads too late at night and literally has to race his way out of his own book collection in order to find his way home. A wonderful idea served up with lashings of imagination, including a family of jelly-throwing Wooblies. ‘An excellent vehicle to encourage youngsters to read and to experience live theatre.’ The Stage ‘It’s real fun - you won’t have seen anything like it before!’ Scarborough Evening News To visit the English Touring Theatre website cut and paste this URL into your web browser: Kevin is into his book in a BIG way! But it's time for bed, and Dad won't stop nagging him to turn out the light. Suddenly Kevin is in the thick of the action alongside his hero, the streetwise Private Investigator Rockfist Slim. Somehow they must travel through all the books on Kevin's bookshelf to find a way home and escape the clutches of the mysterious underworld baddie known as The Green Shark. Their headlong dash to escape the clutches of the mysterious baddie The Green Shark, takes them through Grimm's Fairy Tales, Kidnapped a book of ghost stories and even Chess for Beginners...only just avoiding a family of jelly-throwing wooblies along the way! Written to mark the National Year of Reading in 1998. THE BOY WHO FELL INTO A BOOK is a non-stop adventure written for 6 - 13 year olds The Boy Who Fell into a Book is sponsored by Warwick University Bookshop and supported by Peugeot Motor Company Plc

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