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Birmingham Glee Club

Thursday 24th July 2003, 07:00 PM, at Birmingham Glee Club

Warwick Club has reserved 25 tickets for Birmingham Glee Club at Birmingham Glee Club.

Tickets are 9.00 for Warwick Club members, their spouse/partner, and dependent children under 18. Tickets may also be purchased at cost for guests (subject to availability of places) for 14.50 . Full price for these tickets would normally be 14.50 .

Please contact the organiser, Colin Chapman, for tickets. Please remember to give your personnel/retiree number, and state how many tickets you would like, and who each ticket which you request at member price is for, their age and relationship to you.

IBM Club Warwick have arranged an evening trip to the Glee Club in Birmingham on Thursday July 24th 2003. We will provide coach travel starting from the Warwick area with pick up points on the way to central Birmingham. The evenings entertainment will include four hilarious stand-up comedians :- Glen Wool Inventive Canadian stand-up Wool certainly cuts a dash on stage with his heavy black eyeliner, long leather coat and distinctive cowboy hat. It gives him all the appearance of a starey-eyed weirdo intent on freaking out his audience. But appearances can be deceptive, and there's really nothing that odd about his actual set. What it is, though, is edgy, inspired, incisive and funny - and delivered in a relaxed north American drawl that complements the fine material. Seeking fame and fortune in the UK , Glen Wool has already won critical and audience acclaim for his uncompromising material, comedic composure and stunning improvisational skills. Mark Billingham Probably the only Wolves fan on the comedy circuit Mark is one of the most accomplished comperes in comedy, a regular at the Comedy Store and the better comedy clubs around the UK. He will be instantly recognisable to you as Robin’s mate in Tony Robinson’s childrens version of Robin Hood from a few years ago. Mark Billingham is acknowledged as one of the UK's top comperes, with a string of credits to his name. Mark is a regular at Jongleurs and the Comedy Store and has the honour of being the first human on Spitting Image. Mark Billingham has appeared on over 30 radio and TV shows and has played at every comedy club in the UK since 1987. Mark leans towards the doctrine that comedy is, for the most part, "some knob jokes". He loves smut, talks dirty, waxes lyrical about animal husbandry and ridicules members of the audiences. Paul Thorne Highly under-rated comic from the Northwest. A regular on Ch 5 and veteran of BBC 1 The Stand Up Show, and Saturday Live. Also a member of The Comedy Store's excellent Cutting Edge Team. Has been on excellent form of late and on his last appearence at the Glee Club took the roof off. Paul Thorne was born in a Fish and Chip Shop in Warrington, Cheshire (a town between Liverpool and Manchester famous for its shops and ring-road). He had a fairly unremarkable childhood although, as the son of fish friers. he had no shortage of friends at Primary School: "I think the other kids in the playground were drawn to me by the smell of salt and vinegar and they used to follow me home and get free batter scratchings off my mum while I copied their homework" Did living in such a traditional sector of the catering industry effect him in any way? "It certainly was a strange environment to grow up in, we opened at night so I got to stay up late and watch all these quirky characters and pissed people who used to make me laugh was a bit of a shock later in life to find out that I was related to some of them..........generally though it has stood me in good stead in some ways.......I know a good potato when I see one and I feel very at home amongst wet fish." Paul scraped his way through school with average results and very bad end of term reports about not trying hard enough and "playing to the gallery" during lessons. "The popular misconception about comedians is that they were all bullied at school and learned to be quick-witted in order to survive. Personally I think that's bollocks...I was never bullied at school...although I did used to make extra pocket money writing jokes for the kids that were" His first exposure to stand-up came by accident on a Saturday afternoon shoplifting spree. "I used to nick records from record shops in the town centre but I think they got wise and started just displaying the sleeves. In the end the only things on display were comedy albums. I ended up with three or four Billy Connolly recordings which I could only listen to secretly when my parents were out because of the bad language" Paul eventually left his home town to do a degree in Geography in Kingston upon Thames which, he is quick to add, was more an excuse to live near a big city than from any desire to learn about coastal erosion. "Like most people I think I've forgotten everything I learned on the course although every so often when I 'm in the car with other comics I do get these weird flash-backs ad suddenly blurt out 'Look everyone! An ox-bow lake!' After three years and armed with a degree certificate and a substantial overdraft he left for Spain to work as an English teacher. Where he learned to play Flamenco guitar, dividing his time between teaching and practising and performing in the evenings. "This troop of musicians and dancers sort of adopted me and let me rehearse with them. I think they found me a bit of a novelty. This English bloke unintentionally murdering their art form. In the end I stopped going when I realised they were clapping at me and not with me! " On his return to Britain and bored with teaching Paul eventually stumbled into trying out comedy at the Edinburgh Festival. "Me and a mate were in this place called the Fringe Club which was famous for being a bear pit where they used to boo people off or throw paper planes at them. Anyway, all the acts were going down really well so he bet me a tenner I wouldn't go on and pretend to be a comic, be really crap and then we could experience the full wrath of the audience . I really needed the money so I did it. Trouble was the audience were really nice and supportive so it back-fired and I went down well! Still haven't had the ten quid either!" With one success under his belt the next step was doing try-outs at established clubs in London with varying degrees of success. "I was so naive. I thought comedy was just an exercise in crowd control like teaching! I used to tear into the audience as a sort of pre-emptive strike and couldn't understand why it didn't always work. In the end it occured to me that people don't laugh much when they're scared." Now, as an established act Paul has worked all over Britain and as far afield as Holland, Belgium Canada and Hong Kong, done his own one-man show at the Edinburgh festival and supported Lee Hurst on three nationwide tours. He is the regular audience warm-up for Rory Bremner and has appeared regularly on T.V. and Radio. In addition to this he has a resident slot as a member of the Comedy Store's Cutting Edge team who perform a topical show there every Tuesday night. It's one of the best jobs in the world. The novelty never wears off, especially of not having to get out of bed in the morning.I'd love to still be doing it when I'm 55 like Billy Connolly, perform in theatres even have a couple of albums out. I'd make sure they took them out of the sleeves in the shop though. David O'Doherty - - Information Coming Soon... See for full details. An excellent buffet meal is also included in the price. Doors open at 20:00. Ticket prices Including coach travel Without coach travel Members 9.00 6.40 Non-members 14.50 9.95 Please reply to this e-mail with details of your ticket requirements, including your IBM Club membership number. (Members who responded to my Poll for Interest also need top respond to this note). All requests for additional member tickets must state clearly the tickets are for and their relationship to the IBM Club Member. Please state if you wish to travel with us on the coach and let me know your ideal pickup/dropoff point. (I havent sorted pickup point details yet but please bear in mind that we want to maintain a reasonably direct route from the Warwick area to Hurst Street in Birmingham! We could start from Leamington town centre if it helps - plan to leave at around 18:45) Please send your cheques to me at Warwick MP14 made payable to IBM Club Warwick. Please write "GLEE" on the back of the cheque.

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