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Drayton Manor

Saturday 27th October 2001, at Drayton Manor

Warwick Club has reserved 77 tickets for Drayton Manor at Drayton Manor.

Tickets are £7.50 (£5.80 for children) for Warwick Club members, their spouse/partner, and dependent children under 18. Tickets may also be purchased at cost for guests (subject to availability of places) for £10.25 (£8.25 for children) . Full price for these tickets would normally be £15.00 (£11.00 for children) .

Please contact the organiser, Paul Breadmore, for tickets. Please remember to give your personnel/retiree number, and state how many tickets you would like, and who each ticket which you request at member price is for, their age and relationship to you.

Visit to Drayton Manor Park for the day on Saturday October 27th which in some school areas is the last Saturday of half term. The gates to the park will open at 9am, the rides start at:- 10:30am and continue until 7pm. Note: as it is the last weekend of opening and for those entering the park before 4pm, Drayton Manor will be including two free special events: 1). Halloween at the Manor - Have a spookily great time. Horrors in the Haunting, Bats in the belfry and goblins in the gardens. - all day 2). Fireworks Spectacular 2001 I have been informed that the display will commence between 6:30pm and 7pm and last for approximately 1 hour, during which time most of the rides will remain open, however circumstances may force this to be amended eg bad weather. The Cost (inclusive of wrist bands) The normal entrance price for Adults ( 14 years plus ) is £15.00 and for children 900mm-13 years of age it is £11 however for our day trip:- Adult - non-members - £10.25 members - £7.50 Child - non-members - £8.25 members - £5.80 Child - 0 - 4 years of age - free DRAYTON MANOR PARK How to get there to enlarge:- click on the diagram to highlight the 'box' then click on the bottom right corner and pull down diagonally right ENTERTAINMENT Entrance Plaza Crazy Golf 9 Hole Golf Self-service Cafeteria Hamilton Suite Park Inn Bar Aerial Park Central Plaza Apocalypse Waldo's Lakeside Arena with Live Entertainment The Haunting Games Booths Big Wheel Lakeside Tea Shop and Show Flying Dutchman Hot Dogs Cine180 Dough-Nuts Golden Nuggets Wild West Shoot Out Sweetshop Buffalo Coaster Sombrero Drayton Queen Boat Cedar Fish and Chip Restaurant Café Bar Pirate Cove Fisherman's Wharf Pirates Adventure Stormforce 10 Buccaneer Burger Bar Polperro Express Railway Rory's Adventure Safari Carousel Dodgems Games Booths Jolly Bucaneer Penny Arcade The Crypt Hornblower's Pasties and Hot Dogs Pairate Raft Ride Pick and Mix Trelawney's Giant Ice Cream Cones Action Park Robinson's Children's Corner Npower Shockwave Cadbury's Junior Pirate Ship Splash Canyon Rapids Giant Slide Black Revolver Toy Ride Klondike Old Mine Coaster Junior Carousel Flying Jumbos Ladybirds Tea Cups Ride Vintage Cars Pirate Ship Mini Ballons Games Booths Crazy Bus Miner's Chicken Diner Super Dragon Coaster Food Kiosks Frog Hopper Dough-Nuts Whirly Copter Wheel Train to Zoo, Farm and Museums Quick Bite Kiosk Zoo Museum and Farm Safari Coffee Shop Peeler's Tea-room Aunt Jane's Giant Ice Cream Cones Quick Bite Kiosk

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