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Wickstead Park

Saturday 7th September 2002, at Wickstead Park

Warwick Club has reserved 46 tickets for Wickstead Park at Wickstead Park.

Tickets are 5.50 (7.00 for children) for Warwick Club members, their spouse/partner, and dependent children under 18. Tickets may also be purchased at cost for guests (subject to availability of places) for 10.00 (10.00 for children) . Full price for these tickets would normally be 11.00 (15.00 for children) .

Please contact the organiser, Paul Breadmore, for tickets. Please remember to give your personnel/retiree number, and state how many tickets you would like, and who each ticket which you request at member price is for, their age and relationship to you.

Where ?? What ?? When ?? -- please read on. Wicksteed Park, Kettering, Northants on Saturday September 7th. The gates to the park will open at 9.00am, the rides start at:- 10:30am. Closing times may vary so please check at the main gate. For those of you who have not heard of it, it's a tamer version of Alton Towers. The Park's beginnings can be traced back to 1913 when Charles Wicksteed purchased a tract of Northamptonshire meadowland near Kettering with the intention of developing a model village for his growing engineering workforce. Unfortunately, the onset of the 1914 war put this plan on hold, but then in 1916, he formed a Charitable Trust to administer the estate and its funds, something that the Trust continues to do to this day. Despite the passing of eighty one years since the park officially opened in 1921, the basic layout designed by Charles Wicksteed remains virtually unaltered to this day. This is a lasting tribute to a man whose foresight, inventiveness and philanthropy has provided millions of people with many hours of enjoyment over the years. The Park's first major undertaking was the digging out of the 30-acre lake which was opened for use by 1921. The Park's fame spread far and wide and special trains and "Charabancs" brought excited crowds from an ever-widening area. Wicksteed Park was "news". It was the first Leisure Park as such, in the United Kingdom, and has been copied by many since it's inception. The Waterchute was constructed in the early twenties and the fact that Charles Wicksteed was then in his seventies meant that he must have been a man possessed with tremendous drive energy and foresight. It was a huge success from the beginning and several of the original Wicksteed designs were made for other Leisure Places. Upon the death of the Founder, the Board of Trustees determined to continue Charles Wicksteed's good work. Development of the Park continues to this day and new amusements and entertainments are added in response to the changing tastes of the public. The Park now plays host to one and a quarter million visitors every season. To view the park as it is today, please click on the link below. Wickstead Park - attractions WHAT IS INCLUDED - Car Park discount voucher. Transport and car parking is NOT included, please make your own arrangements - there will be a car park charge levied upon your arrival, this would normally be 3 but I have negotiated a 50% reduction provided you have obtained from me a discount voucher. I will assume one voucher per member group, if you require more then please state how many you require on the back of your cheque. Wristbands which allows unlimited access to rides and attractions on the day of purchase (not including pitch & putt, coin-operated rides and games stalls) cost Adult (12 years of age and over) 8 and for under 12's the cost is 12 Food - also included is a food/drinks voucher to the value of 3. No change will be given if the purchase is less than the voucher value and obviously any purchase more than 3 you will have to pay the extra. This can be used as payment towards cold sandwiches, burger 'n chips drinks or a meal in their restaurant. One will automatically be forwarded per fee paying person. THE COST - Members Adults ( age 12 + ) 5.50 Children ( 4 to 11 ) 7.00 Children ( under 4 ) free - note:- a food voucher will be NOT be available Nonmembers Adults ( age 12 + ) 10.00 Children ( 4 to 11 ) 10.00 Children ( under 4 ) free - note:- a food voucher will be NOT be available The usual price for this package including the food voucher would be:- Adults - 11, Children 15 and car park 3 As members you may purchase both member and nonmember tickets, however Club rules state that membership is for you and your immediate family (spouse/partner plus your own children aged 17 or under). If you are requesting more than two tickets, please state who they are for, and the relationship of the recipients to yourself. WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO Make your cheque payable to IBM Club Warwick and forward it to me, Paul Breadmore MP14. to be received by me no later than Friday July 26th. Any requests received after this date will be returned. On the back of the cheque please state:- a) which type of tickets (adult/child) you require and how many, b) how many car park discount vouchers you require if more than one c) your personnel and telephone numbers. To assist in the distribution of the tickets please include a self addressed envelope. I have been advised by the Post Room that mail posted within Warwick is usually delivered the next working day, but for mail sent from other location the SLA is 3 to 4 working days.

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