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Events in categories


Forthcoming events in category "Meal"
    Thur May 20th12:00PubtasticCape of Good Hopeproposed (not approved)Alexander Quinn

Forthcoming events in category "Musical/Opera/Ballet"
    Thur Sep 16th20:00SIX the MusicalBirmingham Hippodromeopen for bookingsLouise Baynton

Forthcoming events in category "Play"
    Sun Aug 8th13:00Comedy of ErrorsRSC Garden Theatreproposed (not approved)Andy Smith
    Fri Oct 22nd19:00War of the Roses Pt1Swan Theatreopen for bookingsAndy Smith
    Fri Nov 12th19:00War of the Roses Pt2Swan Theatreopen for bookingsAndy Smith
    Wed Dec 29th19:15The Magician's ElephantRSTwaiting to be advertisedAndy Smith

Forthcoming events in category "Stage Show"
    Sat May 7th14:30Mamma MiaBirmingham HippodromecompletedAlexander Quinn

Forthcoming events in category "Stand-Up Comedy"
    Sat Nov 20th20:00Nina ContiWarwick Arts Centreproposed (not approved)Alexander Quinn
    Thur Feb 17th20:00Omid Djalili: The Good Times TourWarwick Arts Centreproposed (not approved)Alexander Quinn
    Fri Mar 11th20:00Nish Kumar - Control on FridayWarwick Arts Centreproposed (not approved)Alexander Quinn

Events marked with a green light () have been advertised, and tickets may still be available. Events marked with an hourglass () have probably not yet been advertised, but watch out for them soon! Events marked with a red light () have had all the available tickets allocated (but if you contact the organiser then there may be a wait list you can join).

Note: These pages show event information which is fully updated each month, and also kept up-to-date in-between as far as possible, but for the exact current status of any event you should always contact the event organiser shown.

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